Embark on a legendary journey through the mystical and mythical world of King Arthur, the legendary British monarch of medieval folklore. This captivating King Arthur tour will lead you to the most iconic and enchanting sites associated with the Arthurian legends.

1. Stonehenge – The Ancient Enigma:
Your adventure begins at the enigmatic Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument shrouded in mystery and folklore. While not directly linked to King Arthur, its mystical aura sets the stage for your Arthurian quest. Explore the ancient stones and imagine the tales of knights and magic that may have once surrounded them.

2. Glastonbury – The Isle of Avalon:
Journey to the charming town of Glastonbury, often identified as the legendary Isle of Avalon. Stroll through its quaint streets and visit the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, where it is said that King Arthur and Queen Guinevere were buried. Explore the mystical Glastonbury Tor, believed by some to be the location of Avalon itself, and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

3. Avebury – Ancient Stones and Legends:
Venture to Avebury, home to another circle of ancient standing stones. While not as famous as Stonehenge, Avebury offers an equally mesmerizing experience. Here, you can ponder the connections between these ancient sites and the Arthurian tales, sparking your imagination.

4. Red Lion Pub – A Traditional Stop:
Savor a meal and refreshments at the Red Lion Pub, a charming and historic establishment where locals and travelers alike gather. This pub, like many others in the region, is steeped in history and has likely witnessed its fair share of Arthurian discussions and debates over the years.

As you follow in the footsteps of King Arthur, you’ll traverse landscapes both real and legendary, and you’ll explore the connections between historical sites and the timeless tales of knights, wizards, and quests for the Holy Grail. This King Arthur tour promises to immerse you in the captivating blend of history and mythology that continues to captivate hearts and minds to this day.

Duration 10-12h


Private tour
Hotel pickup and drop-off
Have your own personal driver always at your disposal
Transport by private vehicle
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